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About MM Global Invest Ltd

Welcome to MM Global Invest Ltd, a UK based company founded in 2014 with global market exposure. Our goal is to make accessible what was previously in-accessible to Gold Miners, Gold Holders, and high net worth and sophisticated investors. Our core goal is to focus on Risk management and Risk mitigation and implement strategies that reduce risk and mitigate where possible but optimize and maximize the rate of return for the Gold holder or Sophisticated Investor.

Founder - Roland Mustert

Roland graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering, became a systems architect and designed many solutions for industrial automation challenges. Over time he has developed a senior role as project manager and department manager, in which he had to manage and lead several employees. He was responsible for projects up to 60 million euro’s for major companies in oil and gas industry.

In 2010 Roland started his first business and now owns 4 companies and a foundation.
In 2016 Roland founded a Business Club called ‘IMN Netherlands‘. In line with his foundation ‘Pia Fidelis’, which means ‘Loyal and Committed’, it is his mission to others increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional network that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

As a result of his own quest for ways to grow and leverage his capital, he has shifted his focus from engineering to financial services. In order to get the required skills, Roland teamed up with knowledgeable and successful international partners specialized in finance optimization. Together they’ve developed several investment products that are characterized by high returns with a low risk profile.
His philosophy is simple; only invest when all risk elements can be mitigated.

Founder - Clinton Rotteveel

Clinton Rotteveel comes from a construction back ground, has studied Accounting and been a successful Financial Planner.

Over the years he has worked in Hedge funds, advised hedge funds on strategies, and has been investing on the stock markets for the last 20 years.

He has achieved multiple awards in the financial planning industry and then went on to grow and sell businesses in property, real-estate, construction and financial services industry.

Clinton is also involved in the Mining and specifically the gold industry as a buyer of gold, and runs various high cash-flow alternative Private Placement Programs.

Current work involves buying, building and investing into companies that generate high cash-flow, and can join our group for listing on the stock exchange.